Friday, August 21, 2009

Playing with wait, shades..

So I am changing the colors on my blog a bit... well I should say shades, all shades of grey. Soothing, no?

Let me know what you think, it is easy to read, harder to read.. would rather it be other colors, feedback is always happily accepted and appreciated...

This cute tank is available in my Etsy shop!


Shop Bopping

Some wicked looks from

Computer down...

So my Macbook has semi kicked it, not totally, but I can't get online wireless anymore, I took it to the Apple store to have it fixed, was told $250 for a new airport card, ok sucks, but ok. Then I get a call that it is infact, my Logic Board, whatever that is that has kicked it, and now it will cost $1000 to fix it. So I sadly picked it up and cryed on Marcil's shoulder, the mac Genuis that alas could not fix my problem, I might as well get a brand new comptuer. But since my money tree dried up with the sun, I cannot pick of $1500 to score me a new one.
So that is my sad saga, I am at work posting now, with my broken laptop beside me longing to be part of my blogging. The only thing I can think of to make me feel better is to shop, but then that costs money. So instead I will make some new stuff for my Etsy shop. I got all the studs I ordered from, and they are all super rad.
Ok, enough sulking.