Friday, September 19, 2008

New Email and New Website

New email, new excitement! If you ever want to email and ask questions about the line and where it is and what it is email me at;

New Website... well sort of... the name is registered, its all mine, I just have to put things up there! I am working on it! I promise!

As well as my Etsy store! Also in progress, promise!

So happy. so happy.

Finding Worth

Alright, deep breath, here goes.

So what is worth? is it different for everyone, or is it exactley the same? Are we always looking for it, or have we had it all along? For me, I think I am still looking for it, I have had it, I have had it taken away, I have had it given back, only not the same as it was before. I think that every single human being on the earth needs to know they are worthwhile. They need to feel like they matter, that the world wouldn't be what it was if they weren't here.

So the question remains, well how are we supposed to know? I am slowly living the way into my answer. I am finding worth in my dreams, my dreams of what I want my future to be. Ever since I can remember I have loved loved clothes. Fashion, anything pretty, frilly, ruffled, sparkly, shiny, sweet all tied together with a big gorgeous bow. So now as I am taking steps to have my worth returned to be as it was, before it was taken. Now with saying taken, I don't want you to think that it is possible for someone to take you worth. It only is, if you let them. I let it, so now more then ever am I coming to understand how worthwhile it is to know worth.

Now for me to make sense of why I am saying all this and what clothes and bows have to do with any of it. I am starting to live my dream by starting my fashion collection called Worth. It is something I have wanted as long as I can remember wanting anything. It has taken a long time to get here and now that I am here, when I came to the thought of what do I call myself, what do I call my dream? The word that kept coming into my head was worth, worth, I have worth. I then decided I wanted to show everyone my worth and show everyone there own worth.

Perhaps I am going too deep, putting too much into a company built around clothing, but I look at it more then that. It is a way I can continue to build and create and to love my whole life, every part. In the wake of this, if I can be a part of someones happiness and worth, evenif I have never met them before, just by making something pretty for them to have and wear and love? The question would then be, how could I not?

Everything is coming, it is coming soon...

Add yourself to my subscriptions and as soon as it is here, you will be the first to know. I will be opening a shop on Etsy called Worth. Being online everyone can be a part of the dream, my dream, your dream, our dream.