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Yes Please...

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Not buying remorse

Do you ever think about the things you wish you bought, but didn't? And then all you can do is think about how you should have bought it, but you can't now? Either for the money, or that you have left the place that sells it? I mean, like in a different country...and no matter how much you search online in shops or ebay, you can't find it. You think about it, and think about it, and it makes like a hole in your stomach? And when you think you are finally over it, you see it in a magazine or on a blog, and then the long, drawnout, sad and heartbreaking process starts all over again?

Or is this just me?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Check out all of these...

Here are the links to some wonderful things!

Thank you!

Check out Worth on

You can find it here; 

I am so excited!!! I was contacted by the most lovely girl from pretty please dear, this amazing online boutique filled with goodies. She asked me to make some of my lace tank tops for her and viola! I did, she loved them, I loved her, and here they are on the site. Check them out and all the other rad stuff on there!

Thank you sooo much Ashley, you made a dream come true!


Just as amazing in grey..

This one is also amazing. Don't you think it looks like sweat jacket? But it is even more amazing...beautiful. Another sigh...



Just to see the full beauty...


Do you ever become obsessed by objects you know that you can't ever own and it makes you want them all the more?

This is it

This is the jacket I want so much. Like literally I cannot breathe I want it so bad. Anyone have a extra $2695.00 they could lend be so this jacket and I could be together forever?




Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lead me not to temptation, as I can find it myself...

Is this jacket the same jacket?



I really love this jacket, that this girl is wearing, I think it is the Vince paper leather weight jacket, but not totally sure, if anyone knows which it is would love it if you could tell me!

First photo from Nordstrom, bottom picture from




All images cobra snake
beauty by Givenchy

Worth by Lisa Ellis

More pictures...dup. 1899

Check it out

Oh my..

Amazing. He looks like his father.


Makes me want long hair.



All images from cobrasnake.

I want this




New York, I love you.

I don't even know where to start, New York. I miss it. I really liked the feeling there. Just the constant hum of something. Always something to do. Something to see. Somewhere to be.

One of our favorite spots was Soho. Some of the best shopping, Aloha Rag, Opening Ceremony, Topshop and Bloomies.... just to name a few. I got a super rad Erin Wasson for RVCA jacket, I will post pictures of it. I was got it from Opening Ceremony where they are very sweet, they have so much stuff in there, if I had struck gold before I left, I would have spent a big chunk of it there. Same goes for Aloha Rag. Some truley amazing pieces in there, and the best staff to boot. I got some amazing Maria Rudman bracelets from there, they have such a  great selection.

The weather was great, we had a day of rain and the rest was really great, so warm! We went to the Met and the natural history museum. Tried to get tickets for David Letterman, who knew it was a lottery you had to enter to get tickets. We didn't get picked, which we were bummed about, but it was on Thursday, which was Fashion's Night Out, so I was happy to be able to have more time to get ready, for what really was the highlight of a trip. I will talk more of that in a bit....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wang Wow

Thank you, all pictures taken by him.

Alexander Wang is a dream come true. I wait the days to come when I can afford more of his amazing, truly lovely clothing.

Candy Land

All this love by
I'm way obsessed with his work.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Being this impossibly beautiful.

All possible from cobrasnake. com
Thank you.