Monday, July 26, 2010

Aritzia Fall/Winter Fashion 2010

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aritzia Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion show. And even luckier still when I got to bring two girlfriends along.

It was held at the Rocky Mountaneer Station in Vancouver. The venue was huge, we all got treated to drinks and little goodie bags.

All I can say is the show left me wanting more. As it was just a preview, I wanted to see it all! Lots of loose silks and ruffles and chunky knits and leggings with pockets.All sorts of textures and colors... it made me wish for my favorite season, fall, to come to I could cuddle up in all there beautiful treats!


The man with the master plan, Mr. Brian Hill.

The above was all TNA. Highlights for me were the leggings with pockets, so cute! Like the Jbrand cargos, but with a pajama feel! And the letterman jackets! I just think they are so cute! All very casual and easy to throw on clothing.

Really amazing jackets warm knits.

Everyone got excited when the Talula was about to walk down.
me too!

There were Ooo's and Aaaa's over this little number.
All seperate pieces, bustier and the skirt plus a petticoat, all ready to buy and pretty good prices!


This little blonde was my favorite model. Such soft features and doe-like eyes.

T Babaton.
Really sweet and beautiful pieces that will bring you very nicely into fall and carry throught to winter.
I love this last tank, it's like the sunrise in summer.

A few new lines from Aritzia, this one A Moveable Feast.

A Moveable Feast.
Looks pretty yummy to me! Loved the proportions and muted palette.

The Wilfred Free line is about comfort,but without losing the sweet edge we all wish to keep. Love the chunky knits with the warm leggings! I can't wait to be all snuggly and warm in there!

Loved this ruffle dress.
$185.00 CDN
comes in cream, black or a really pretty deep blue.

Loved this whole look! The top, my god the top!

It's hard to see in this picture, but these are the most adorable faux leather pull on short!!
I must have these.
and at $110.00 CDN... can't not get these little babies.

Another new line from Wilfred, le fou.

My little fav Aritzia model...

All done!

Well done Aritzia! And thank you for inviting me to your very specail event. I know this was thr first time they opened the show to there customers and I hope they continue to do so.

Can't wait for some cooler weather.

All photo's were taken my be admist my excitement with a piont and shoot, so please forgive some of the blurry ones!