Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am going to be posting more on

So come and see me there!

It was my second blog, but as I have been writing my blogs, things have changed, I have changed. All in good ways, so now I am showing more love to keep shining baby, formally shine on baby. I was inspired by what my now, husband-to-be, bought me a beautiful a Louis Vuitton black multi-colored Monogram bracelet, that revealed a little note that read; "Keep shining baby."

It was to this day, the sweetest thing anyone has written me.

And that, inspired my 2nd blog, which is now, becoming my first.

So take a peak at it, I have been on it awhile, so that are over 500 posts to look at. 

I have personal pictures, beautiful editorals, and personnal stories and poetry.