Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out all of these...

Here are the links to some wonderful things!

Thank you!

Check out Worth on

You can find it here; 

I am so excited!!! I was contacted by the most lovely girl from pretty please dear, this amazing online boutique filled with goodies. She asked me to make some of my lace tank tops for her and viola! I did, she loved them, I loved her, and here they are on the site. Check them out and all the other rad stuff on there!

Thank you sooo much Ashley, you made a dream come true!


Just as amazing in grey..

This one is also amazing. Don't you think it looks like sweat jacket? But it is even more amazing...beautiful. Another sigh...



Just to see the full beauty...


Do you ever become obsessed by objects you know that you can't ever own and it makes you want them all the more?

This is it

This is the jacket I want so much. Like literally I cannot breathe I want it so bad. Anyone have a extra $2695.00 they could lend be so this jacket and I could be together forever?