Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Friday how I've missed you.

Ok amazed. The Miu Miu shoes are like my absolute ultimate dream shoe. I don't know if I have ever said that before... like I want these to be the shoes I get married in. I need to find them. And not just that shoe, in the Miu Miu collection, I want the bird ones the most. And this belt, holy shit. Unreal. She must have the most unreal closet.

So Pretty.

I want to do my make up like this soon.. need somewhere to go.

Oh Balmain. oh you.

Those shoes are sex. Are they not?

I love her face. Anna S.

I know I am wanting this in the wrong season, but I want leather pants. They look like butter, must be so warm and cozy. Maybe I can find them on sale.. you know what else would be rad, leather bellbottoms, oh that would be hot. I need to maybe make my own leather pants. I wonder if my sewing machine cut do that... hmmm..

Anna at Alexander Wang.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I have pulled these images from all over... I have to keep better notes....