Saturday, May 29, 2010

You're soooo good looking.

More from the magic Las is Saturday, and I am still recuperating. I feel like I could sleep and sleep, but why? 
Maybe it was the being drunk at 4 in the afternoon on a Monday, walking around the strip with a drink in my hand, dropping $300 on a bracelet I have digging at Louis Vuitton for awhile...

Ceaser's Palace, next to the Bellagio.
 Yep... a little tipsy...
The most
beautiful things
I saw in Vegas.
The fountain show at the Bellagio.
Frank Sinatra was singing in the background, right along to the motion of the fountain.
So cool.
The inside of the Bellagio, which I think was the most beautiful hotel in Las Vegas.
This is the ceiling in the lobby.
 The inside garden.
The pool at Mandalay Bay.
"The Brooklyn Bridge."
Hotel Aria. 
The newest on the strip.
Back to Paris!
On one of the many moving walkways. 
Such a nice break.
Treasure Island and the start of Italy.
The Wynn.
Beatles Revolution.
The Venetian and The Mirage.
Treasure Island.
The moon was so rad.

More pictures to come...