Thursday, May 27, 2010

Luck be a Lady, Tonight

What a whirlwind. Four days and three nights full of lights, drinks, Blackjack, sunrises, cigarettes, hot days and breezy nights full of loud music, bikini's and some sand, a strip that went on forever and the "clickers" line the streets, the girls all run by and the tall buildings last all night.

I am truly tired.

One of my best times ever.

Viva, Viva Las Vegas.

 First site of a Palm tree, they are so beautiful.
Just checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and wandered outside after our long, delayed arrival flight. It was quite cool when we landed, I should have known that was it for cool weather.
The Excalibur. 
Just like a castle out of a story book. Well I mean, if castle and that book took place in a hot, dry and smoke filled land with as many kids as gamblers.
Our view from our hotel room at 7 in the am.
Floor to ceiling windows.
A small fraction on the lobby at Mandalay Bay. 
I cannot tell you how many times I got lost in just the lobby.
It's big.
Love the palm trees, they are everywhere.
A slightly smaller version of New York, New York.
Oh look, it's Paris!
This was not supposed to be a plug for Zappo's, but I am too tired for photoshop...
 I was able to acquire with the help of Scott, that very Paris Balloon...
With around a litre of Strawberry Daqiuri, carrying it around from casino to casino till three in the morning, then wrapping it in Scott's tshirt and stuffing it into my carry on, only to get it home and unpacked, and then kicking it over.

And yet, it did not break.

Thank F@#k for that.
Literally the 'coolest' fountain in Vegas. All the pillars are ice, this in in the new City Center filled to the top with luxury stores from Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Hermes and on and on and on...
The absolutely stunning, Bellagio.
It is just as beautiful inside.
The shops at the forum in Ceaser's Palace.
 Ah, Paris.
The Brooklyn Bridge.
The Monte Carlo.
The night was coming....

More to come...